Route 101 is the Houston based tribute to Depeche Mode fronted by lead singer, Christopher Anton of christopher ANTON and the Joneses (band) and former vocalist of the Iconic 80’s Synth Pop Band, INFORMATION SOCIETY,
The band features members:
Thomas Brigham (keyboard/guitar/vocals), Marco Digges (keyboard/vocals) & John Boyd (keyboard/guitar/vocals).
The band is a revival and nod to ANTON’s previous & successful L.A. based DM tribute, 101.
Route 101's mission is to present a “best of” format of songs to Depeche Mode fans everywhere placing an emphasis on early years of DM.

Anton describes the project as “coming from a place of love and present the songs that the fans love with dignity and sincerity.”

Route 101 plays the hits that every fan wants to hear, Personal Jesus, But Not Tonight, World In My Eyes, Shake The Disease, just to name a few from the band's repertoire.

June 18, 1988 was a day to remember for the 60,453 fans that attended the Rose Bowl in Pasadena California. Depeche Mode played their ground breaking one hundred and first concert of the “Music for the Masses” tour. The concert was a tremendous success and was followed by the release of the film “101”, a documentary based on the tour. “101” was also released as a two part live CD from the Rose Bowl concert. The success of the event was a testament to the growing vitality of electronic music in the main stream. Dubbed as “The Concert for the Masses” this legendary performance by Depeche Mode is often regarded as Depeche Mode’s defining moment.

Fast-forward twelve years to the year 2000…. Los Angeles, California Adolfo Valencia a.k.a. “VICIOUS” decided to put together a tribute to his favorite band of all time, Depeche Mode. Paying homage to the "Concert for the Masses” he named the group "101". After various incarnations of the group it was apparent that the band needed a DM influenced vocalist to solidify the act. 101 placed an advertisement in a local Los Angeles magazine to find a lead singer. There were many responses to the ad, dozens of auditions. One candidate was chosen.

Christopher Anton had been forging new ground on the Los Angeles music scene with his new wave/modern rock band Pseudocipher. In March 2003 Christopher discovered the advertisement placed by 101, “Lead Vocalist Wanted for Depeche Mode Tribute Band”. Being heavily influenced by DM and a true fan, he decided to audition for 101. Chris's vocal abilities, comparable to Dave Gahan, his charisma on stage, and his passion for DM, impressed the band, and won him the role of front man for 101 in March of 2003.

Since December of 2000, 101 has performed all over L.A. County for eager screaming DM fans everywhere. With a huge draw of up to 600+ fans, 101 is Southern California's most successful Depeche Mode Tribute Band, performing songs on demand. Hits performed include Personal Jesus, Fly on the Windscreen, It’s No Good, Question of Time, Halo, Get the Balance Right, Policy of Truth, Never Let Me Down Again, Rush, Just Can't Get Enough, Enjoy the Silence, I Feel Loved, Everything Counts, Walking in My Shoes, Shake the Disease, and many more.

The 101 line up:
Christopher Anton: Lead Vocals
VICIOUS: Guitar, Keys, and Vocals
Oziel Ruffo: Keys and Vocals
Jon Siren: Drums

101 has headlined various clubs and Depeche Mode related events such as:
Club ROCK IT: Rosemead, CA
Rocking Devil: Hollywood, CA
Club London: Downtown Los Angeles, CA
Vertigos: Los Angeles, CA
Club Addiction: Downey, CA
The Derby: Hollywood, CA
Got Eighties: Downey, CA
Spikes: Rosemead, CA
The Whisky a Go Go: West Hollywood, CA
Boardners: Hollywood, CA
…and others throughout Southern California.

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