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Welcome to the christopher ANTON and The Joneses music site!  This is the central location for all aspects of christopher ANTON and upcoming new christopher ANTON and The Joneses music and album releases.


christopher ANTON and The Joneses "Personal Jesus" (Official Lyric Video)

christopher ANTON and The Joneses "Personal Jesus" (Official Lyric Video)

View on YouTube Here: https://youtu.be/-FYie_804Ug
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The first single off the upcoming christopher ANTON and the Joneses album is available now on ITunes, Amazon & Google Play!
christopher ANTON and the Joneses cover version of the Depeche Mode classic Personal Jesus written by Martin Gore. 

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/per... 

Producer: Billy Smiley 

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Coming to a Radio Station Near You!!

christopher ANTON and The Joneses newest single, Personal Jesus, is coming to a radio station near you -please request Christopher Anton and The Joneses at your local Christian station—we appreciate your support!!

christopher ANTON and The Joneses - Personal Jesus Single Release!

The new christopher ANTON and the Joneses single is ready to go! Our cover of the Depeche Mode classic Personal Jesus will be available on March 25th! (pre order March 11th) 
It's been an amazing journey working on the new christopher ANTON and the Joneses record. We've been honored to work with so many talented people. Personal Jesus is produced by Billy Smiley, featuring Jonathan Crone on guitar, Steve Brewster on Drums, and Anthony Sallee on bass. We feel honored and blessed to have had the opportunity to…

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Music is Art Festival

christopher ANTON will be performing at the Music is Art Festival this year. Honored and blessed to be joining so many great artists and musicians for this event. Buffalo's very own Goo Goo Dolls are headlining! smile emoticon


christopher ANTON - Testimony

My name is Christopher Anton and this is my testimony of God’s love.
I spent 11 years of my life as a hopeless alcoholic.
From the age of 15 until I was 26 years old I was in the grip of a progressive illness, which would have at best ruined my life and at worst it would have killed me. I was a self proclaimed atheist by 20, and a morning drinker by the ripe old age of 24. I didn’t believe in God’s love and mercy because I didn’t believe in God. I denied Him, and the really amazing thing about this is that…Read more
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christopher ANTON and The Joneses

TBA, Spring, Texas



christopher ANTON and The Joneses



Journey To The 80's

The Yost Theater , 307 N Spurgeon St, Santa Ana, California 92701

On November 5, 1955, Marty McFly arrived in Hill Valley of the past in Doc Brown’s DeLorean Time Machine in Back To The Future movie.

Fast forward to November 5, 2016, we will bring you back to the great 80's, where it all began. Stay tuned for more information about this ultimate 80's Concert/Party.

1st ARTIST ANNOUNCEMENT: Introducing Euro Disco Diva, Ms. Lian Ross with classic hits such as Say You'll Never, Scratch My Name, Don't You Go Away, It's Up To You, Fantasy, You're My Heart, You're My Soul. She will be coming to Orange County with her husband, Mr. Luis Rodriguez, the man behind Modern Talking music.

2nd ARTIST ANNOUNCEMENT: For the first time ever in the USA, BACCARA, the duo who brought us many hits such as Call Me Up, Fantasy Boy, Touch Me, will make their debut on November 5th in Orange County along with Ms. Lian Ross. Their music was also produced by legendary producer, Luis Rodriguez, the musical genius behind Modern Talking, CC Catch music. We just received the news that BACCARA is currently working with Luis Rodriguez on their new projects.

3rd ARTIST ANNOUNCEMENT: We are proud to announce the next artist/band for the event. Direct from Germany, introducing K.B. CAPS, who brought us timeless hits such as Do You Really Need Me, Julia, Catch Me Now I'm Falling, Dancing In The Dark. We are looking forward to have K.B. CAPS in California for the first time ever!! More artist/band to be announced soon.

4th ARTIST ANNOUNCEMENT: TQ, one of the New Italo Disco Generation artist from ZYX will be sharing the same state with Lian Ross as she performs their 2015 hit; All We Need Is Love along with TQ's other songs such as Rhythm Of Love, Life Is A Story.

5th ARTIST ANNOUNCEMENT: Presenting Christopher Anton & The Joneses (former lead vocal of Information Society). Christopher and his band will perform many of Information Society's hits including What's On Your Mind, Walking Away, Running plus other 80's hits: Fade To Grey, Personal Jesus, Send Me An Angel. A special guest, Jayden Frost will also perform along with Christopher Anton with The Promise, A Little Respect, West End Girls.


christopher ANTON and The Joneses

TBA, New Orleans, La



Music is Art 80's Fundraiser Event

Buffalo, NY

christopher ANTON and the Joneses will be performing at this years Music is Art 80's Themed Fundraiser event! more information to be announced.